Sauna world

  • The Finnish sauna
  • Turkish steam bath with light therapy
  • Salt Roman Bath (NEW)
  • IR cabin
  • Cooling pool, cold showers (with a temperature-controlled water) cooling pail
  • Sauna bar with a selection of drinks and refreshments.

Sauna ten commandments - general principles of using a  sauna:

  1. Every visitor of sauna is required to undress all clothes including accessories, jewels, watch, etc.
  2. Every visitor of sauna is required to wash properly with soap, take a warm shower and dry well before entering the sweating room.
  3. Every visitor is obliged to bring in a sheet on which he will sit. Before using the sauna pallet or bench visitors must spread a sufficiently large cloth beneath themselves (a sheet or large towel. Visitors must also place a cloth beneath their feet. Optimal temperature is around 75°C. After using the sauna entry to the cooling, relaxation pool and whirlpool is only permitted after thoroughly showering with warm water.
  4. Slowly enter the pool and dive the whole body and head under water
  5. Before re-entering the sauna, visitors are expected to dry themselves. Visitors are required also recommende to lay on higher pallet. Temperatures above  90°C are not suitable. It is recomended to expose limbs to higher temperatures than head.
  6. Repeat the procedure heat-cold according to your feelings - preferably 3x ? maximum 5x. Young children shall sit on the lowers pallet for shorter amount of time (8 min.). After finishing the sauna and after the last cooling off rinse with tepid water and wash your hair with shampoo.
  7. I Enter the relax room after proper cooIing off. Wrapp yourself and relax.
  8. After finishing the sauna indulge yourself some snack and liquids (juice or mineral water) in our restaurant. You should drink the same amount of fluids as the amount you sweat out.
  9. Avoid physical activity after using sauna. It is advisable to také a walk. Apply some cream to your dry body. If you experience deep sleep t after sauna, the best result is guaranteed.

Openning times


Indoor 30 °C
Whirpool 33 °C
Outside °C



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