Price list


Wellness - Price list
  Monday - Sunday - Holidays
Aquasauna 180 mimutes
(+15 min. free)
Aditional charge*
Basic 470 CZK 2,30 CZK
Discount 380 CZK
1,90 CZK
Sauna 90 minutes
(+15 min. free)
Aditional charge*  
Basic 260 CZK 2,40 CZK  
Discount 210 CZK 2,10 CZK  
Sauna abonent 1 minute      
Abonent basic 2,31 CZK   
Abonent discount 1,87 CZK  
Abonent chip 155 CZK      
Group over 14 people 10% discount      
Additional notes

Children up to 2,99 years free of charge.
Discounts are to be applied for: Students up to 26 years of age (upon presentation of identity card ISIC, Alive, ITIC), senior citizens over 65 years of age, children from 3 to 14,99 years of age, seriously handicapped persons, seriously handicapped persons with escort (free entry for escort).

Prices include VAT.

We accept credit cards: VISA, Maestro, MasterCard,V-pay 

We accept vouchers: 

  • SODEXO(Flexipass, Relaxpass, Focus, Gift voucher)
  • ACCOR (Gift voucher, Sport as. Kultura, Ticket multi)
  • UNIŠEK (Unišek, Unišek plus, Dárkový AdHoc)

How to use abonent chip:

  • Abonent chip is owned by a person who purchased it. It can be used by other person (only in the same category). Only one person can enter the premises with one abonent chip.
  • Holders of abonent chip can pass freely between the indroopoll and sauna world (wellness) without needing to change and leave changing room.
  • After purchasing the abonent chip pass freely through the turnstile into the area of the aquapark (or summer aquapark) includin saunas and take advantage of all services without needing to check in at the aquapark reception desk. (all services are deducted from the credit deposited).
  • Chip credit can be deposited at the reception desk (amount only in hundreds).

Single entrance purchase will finish 90 minutes before the end of opening hours. 
Price list is valid from 1. 1. 2019.

Application of student discounts: 
To get a student discount is necessary to submit any of the following documents:

  • High school:  ISIC (student , teacher, travel), student cards issued by the appropriate school, index, confirmation of study
  • College:  current student card, certificate of study

The discount can not be issued to assigned cards (such as library, carrier, canteen, etc.).


Openning times


Indoor 30 °C
Whirpool 33 °C
Outside °C



Where to find us?

Autocamp Olešná

Nad Přehradou 2447, Frýdek-Místek
738 01 Česká republika
GPS: 49°39'47.0"N, 18°18'30.9"E

Contact to Reception

Tel.: 558 638 754 - informace