Visitor's rules

These rules serve for adherence to valid regulations, protection of the health and safety of visitors and must be unconditionally adhere to by visitors.


Article I. -  Entering the aquapark indoor area

  1. Daily opening hours is to be found by the main entrance on the information board near the cash desk, as well as on the internet website of the company.
  2. Entry to the indoor area is only permitted with a valid ticket, with a chip (in the form of a wristband) that the visitor purchases at the Aquapark Reception
  3. Sale of tickets or permanent membership passes begins five minutes before the opening hours and ends one hour before the end of opening hours.
  4. Entrance fee is to be found in the entrance hall and on the internet website.
  5. The entrance and exit is secured through the self-service turnstile  and mechanical gate for for immobile individuals.
  6. In case of mass sporting activity events unattended entry is not for the safety reasons permitted.  Children must be accompanied at all times.
  7. Children youger than 10 years are allowed to enter the pool only when accompanied and permanently supervised by an adult person older than 18 years.
  8. In the event of full occupancy of the indoor pool area  further entry throught turnstiles will be denied until the occupancy decreases. At that point, entry will be restored.

Article II. - Operating and hygienic rules and regulations

  1. Each visitor complies with the provisions of these Visitor´s rules and is required to adhere to their provisions and follow the instructions of Aquapark Olešná employees, who are personally responsible for providing a safe and hygienic environment.
  2. Visiting time in the indoor pool begins upon passing the turnstile and ends upon departure of the visitor. In some circumstances concurrently with the operating hours. Or in some cirsumstances by ending the operation of the area at closing time.
  3. Visitors are required to leave the pool areas at least 15 minutes before Aquapark opening hours end, during which time the visitors must leave the cloakrooms by the close of opening hours. Nebo Fifteen minutes before ending the operation, visitors are obliged to exit the pool in order to take a shower, get dressed and vacate the premises of the area.
  4. Please do NOT leave your valuables unattended  Visitors have lockers available for storing money and valuable items at the reception area. The operator is not liable of valuable items stored outside these lockers.
  5. Items found within the complex must be handed in by their finder to  the lifeguard, or to the reception, where they will be entered in the Ledger or Found Items.
  6. Visitors are required to behave consideretely to the complex facilities and compensate damages or loss that they cause to the operator´s property and also to the property of other individuals.
  7. Every visitor is required to shower properly before entering the pool areas and water attractions.
  8. Entry to the pool is permitted only in swimsuit or trunks made from elastic, close-fitting materials without any accessories of metal or similar hard materials. Bermuda shorts or American swimsuits are not permitted.
  9. the depth of the water in the pools is clearly marked.
  10. The children's swimming pools are suitable for children under the age of 6.
  11. For first aid in the event of injuries, lesions and sicknesses, it is necessary to call the life guard immediately. The first aid station is clearly marked with a sign and a red cross. The operator is not responsible for injuries or lesions incurred by the visitor due to his own carelessness or due to infringement of the rules and regulations.
  12. Each visitor is required to maintain personal cleanliness and to keep clean all the premises and facilities of all areas and facilities and to be mindful of his own safety and the safety of others in all his actions.
  13. When using the equipment and attractions (switchback and wild river), visitors must follow the relevant instructions for use and obey the commands and warnings of supervising staff. Children youger than 10 years are allowed to enter the indroo pool only when accompanied and permanently supervised by an adult person older than 18 years.

Article III. - Prohibited activities in the aquapark

  1. To stay in the premises without a valid ticket. To enter the premises intended solely for the staff or to enter the premises intended for the opposite sex without being accompanied by the staff. To enter the premises with No Entry Sign.
  2. To express oneself noisily and to cause disturbance to other visitors. To call for help without due cause. To dive together, to knock down and throw others into the water, to run to run on the sidewalks, to jump from them and from other hazardous places (water attractions).
  3. To pollute the water and other premises by spitting, rinsing your mouth or nose, throwing litter etc.
  4. To smoke tobacco products in all Aquapark areas. To consume food and drinks anywhere in the entire area outside of the premises of restaurants, bars and summer terrace. To enter the pool with chewing-gum. To bring glass objects and other objects which might endanger the safety of visitors into the area.
  5. To introduce inflatable wheels and other inflatable objects, fins, balls and tennis balls (only inflatable sleeves and swimming glasses are allowed).
  6. It is prohibited to enter the premisses with bicycles and baby prams.
  7. It is prohibited to  ask for the services from the Aquapark employees which are in contradiction with operating rules.
  8. Individuals with hair, skin or any contagious diseases are not allowed to enter the pools. No entry to pool for the children under the age of 1. Entry for the children in the ages of 1-3 years is only allowed  in swimsuits, which are  fitted with an elastic band at the waist and legs .

Article IV. - No entry to the indoor pool

  1. Entry to the aquapark is prohibited to people afflicted by any kind of disease endangering the health of other visitors. (i.e. to people suffering from temperatures, cough, conjunctivitis; people with contagious or repulsive diseases; carriers of intestinal infections or other infectious diseases; family members of people afflicted by contagious diseases and isolated from their families; people suffering from diseases accompanied by discharge, people with skin parasites, rashes, or people wearing bandages; or people who are dirty, dressed in dirty clothes, or infested with insects).
  2. Entry is prohibited to people who are under the influence of alkohol and/or drugs.
  3. No animals are allowed to enter the premises.

Article V - Exclusion of visitor from the Aquapark

  1. Any visitor who, even after being cautioned by staff, does not follow the provisions of these visiting rules and regulations or who does not comply with the instructions of authorised staff or behaves in any other improper manner, will be excluded from the area without the right to refund of the entrance fee. If, in such cases, the visitor does not leave the area on request, the authorised staff are empowered to request intervention from the Municipal police and the Police of the Czech Republic.

Article VI - General provisions

  1. Opening hours of Aquapark and other important notification are to be announced by the main entrance of the complex.
  2. Potential requests, notices or complaints may be filed by visitors directly in the reception or to the manager of the Aquapark Olešná.
  3. The visitor´s rules and regulations are binding for all visitors and Aquapark employees and shall enter into force on the day of declaration.


Issue date: 30. 11. 2006
Operator: Sportplex Frýdek-Místek, s.r.o.

Openning times


Indoor 30 °C
Whirpool 33 °C
Outside °C



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