Aqua-aerobics with us practicing every Sunday from 10-11am

AQUA AEROBICS is aerobic exercise in the water (which dates back to about half of the chest ) . It aims to increase physical fitness , weight reduction and body contouring . Water resistance is depending on the speed of movement performed 4 - 42 times greater than the air resistance and thus increases the intensity of exercise and simultaneously massaging the muscles.

The aquatic environment has positive effects on the spine and movement system . Unlike other forms of aerobics is an exercise without any shocks, therefore not only protects our joints , but also the cardiovascular system.

Advantages of Aqua Aerobic

up to 4x faster weight loss than the dry

there is no overloading of joints and spine

maximum heart rate is in the water about 10-15 % lower than in the dry , which is very positive for the cardiovascular system

rehabilitative effects

movement in the water induces physical and mental relaxation

water resistance allows training of muscle strength and endurance

not to overload your muscles

due to water pressure on the body surface leads to masážnímu effect that contributes to a better breakdown of subcutaneous fat , body shaping and cellulite prevention

simple integration of individuals and the performance of different motor experiences

water transfers 25 times more heat than gas environment ( with sweat )

Price: aquaaerobic is the price of admission


Aqua-aerobics for pregnant women


The exercise is designed for the expectant mother as of the end of the third month of pregnancy and consists of 10 lessons .

exercising in water has a relaxing effect and does not joints

relieves congested lumbar spine

uses water resistance and are thus associated with more muscle

improve the breathing techniques required for delivery

positive effect on the muscles of the pelvic floor

Dates and duration of exercise:

Exercise takes place every Saturday from 8.00 to 9.00 pm

Exercise consists of a 55 minute block - teaching itself , followed by the opportunity to consult with a trainer ) .


Exercise Price : 115, - CZK / lesson


Information and bookings tel: +420 724 118 581 Mrs. Barbora Pavlásková - swimming instructor pregnant


Openning times


Indoor 30 °C
Whirpool 33 °C
Outside °C



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