spox maskot aquaparku olen

Our company has its own mascot. And it is a droplet of water. Why water? Together with the Earth's crust and the air is an essential condition for the existence of life on Earth. The characteristics of the various state perfectly characterize our society.

THE ICE - ice hockey

THE LIQUID STATE -  indoor and summer Aquapark

THE GASEOUS STATE - wellness and sauna world 

Mascot was founded in 2011 and the design of his name could participate in the contest each of you. Deciding on the choice of name was difficult. Among the roughly 30 beautiful names, but was finally selected SPOX name .


Fot the little one or even for adults?

Spox can become your new friend. It only takes if you visit us in any events during the whole year in Aquapark. Spox will bring a smile on your face.


Spox, when you wish to life fully and with smile.

spox baner

Openning times


Indoor 30 °C
Whirpool 33 °C
Outside °C



Where to find us?

Autocamp Olešná

Nad Přehradou 2447, Frýdek-Místek
738 01 Česká republika
GPS: 49°39'47.0"N, 18°18'30.9"E

Contact to Reception

Tel.: 558 638 754 - informace