1. What to wear in the pool? Entry to the pool is permitted only in swimsuit or trunks made from elastic, close-fitting materials without any accessories of metal or similar hard materials. Bermuda shorts or American swimsuits are not permitted.

2. Can the children under the age of 1 year enter the public pool? According to the regulation Mzd. č. 258/2011 Sb, there is a high risk of respiratory problems. Operating rules state, that to enter the public pool you must reach minimum 1 year of age.

3. What is the price of abonent chip? The price is 155 CZK (without deposit). We buy the chip for the price of 75 CZK.

4. What is the water and air temperature? The water temperature is 87,8°F. Temperature is 91,4°F.

5. Is it possible to pass between the pool and sauna without changing clothes? Passageways are open on a certain type of admission.

6. Is it possible to pay with credit card? Yes, please inform it in advace before payment.

7. When is the latest possible entrance? Last entrance is being sold till 7:30p.m.

8. Why must be the children under the age of 10 be accompanied by adult? The reason is the responsibility for children.

9. When does the stay  in Aquapark begin and end? It begins and ends upon passing the turnstiles.

10. Where is lost and found? Reception.

11. Do you lend any swimming aids? No.

12. What can I do, when I have lost a abonent chip? Try to find it, otherwise you must pay 155 CZK.

13. Can I use the safe? Yes, we charge 40 CZK and 100 CZK is returnable depozit for a key.

14. What is the minimum amount of charge subscription chip? When you purchase a subscription chip is the minimum amount of charge 300 CZK. The next recharge amount is arbitrary. Note: In addition to events (Christmas packages, etc.).

Openning times


Indoor 30 °C
Whirpool 33 °C
Outside °C



Where to find us?

Autocamp Olešná

Nad Přehradou 2447, Frýdek-Místek
738 01 Česká republika
GPS: 49°39'47.0"N, 18°18'30.9"E

Contact to Reception

Tel.: 558 638 754 - informace